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Are you looking for a hands-on solution to kindergarten & first grade math centers? What about making 3rd grade math fun and interesting. Often, we have those early finishers who need a engaging activity to keep them learning. Discover hands-on resources and ideas to bring learning alive in your classrooms. 

FREE Skip Counting Pages!


Skip Counting is the pathway to multiplication. Once students get the pattern and concept it becomes a game. Grab these free practice sheets that work well for advanced kindergarten, first, and second grade.

AND...Here's an extra BONUS included!

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(FREE) Multiplication FUN FACTS

These FREE printables for 3rd grade are perfect for fluency practice. Students use dice to complete each of the 4 printable worksheets starting with 6 and ending with 9. It creates an element of fun and hands-on experience which is vital for memorizing times tables in 3rd grade. Slide the pages between a dry-erase pocket or laminate to allow students more practice or to work in pairs to complete these worksheets.  

This works great for a math center, earlier finishers, or homework. Use regular dice, polyhedral die (1-10), a 1-10 spinner, or just write the numbers on the line in order. Laminate it and use colored erase markers for a game for 2 players.

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