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Spring is finally here! I’ve been busy setting up some hands-on early finishers for my kinders. 

We have been practicing composing and decomposing numbers.  Most are getting close to mastery, some are not. We started our “in-person” school year a bit late, so a few of my kiddos are behind. I created some cute fact families (FREE) worksheets that are motivating and fun. 

Students use eraser counters to find the facts. 

Use the blank ones to generate more fact families or have the students use counters to create their own.

I’m Mary, the Kinderlady and I am inspired by great classroom management and how it infuses JOY into my classroom everyday! 

Atmosphere is Everything!​

To create and maintain a joyful learning environment,  I do 3 things everyday.

  1. Build relationships
  2. Deliver engaging lessons
  3. Say what you mean, and mean what you say

How I can Help You!

Build Relationships

Building relationships is the cornerstone of trust. When a child trusts you, they will want to please you. This is an important element to building a classroom of full eager learners. I love the video below because it shows the power of “teacher love” in the classroom.

Engaging Students

According to the Center on Learning, at Washington University, teachers who successfully engage their students can increase attention, focus, and promote more meaningful learning. Hands-On instruction can take place in all grades.     To check out some of my hands-on resources for kindergarten – 3rd grade, click the image below. 

Set the Rules

Set your rules for your classroom and don’t waiver from them. Upholding rules results in a safe and trusting environment. When students observe that you will follow through, they are less likely to test the waters. To learn more click the image below to check out my blog on Classroom Management.