Writing in 5 Days, is That Possible? Albert Einstein was a scientist in the early 20th century. He was non-verbal until the age of four and he obsessively repeated sentences to himself until the age of seven. (My 8-year-old autistic grandson has these attributes) Could it be he was on

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management Skills for Kindergarten

Fix Classroom Management Skills for Kindergarten & Up I have been teaching K-5th grade for 30+ years. Each year is always different. I deal with defiant students, special needs, those who have trouble transitioning, and more. After the first few weeks, the newness of teaching wore off and I needed

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Hi, I'm Mary

I teach TEACHERS how to keep joy and tranquility in the classroom while using strategies to deal with special needs students. I live in Southern California with my husband, daughter, and her three children, two whom are autistic.