"Watch Me Write My Name"

Child Writing in School

Every year in kindergarten students learn to write their name. Many will already know the basics, but some will not. These printables are easy for students to learn the letters of their name. Print them again and again. Use them for Bellwork. I use them for homework in the beginning of the year.

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These worksheets are PERSONALIZED for each student and you can choose the template you desire and get them from ETSY for 50% off. Instead of $2 per student you will pay $1.

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Students are using a hands-on activity to match number cents to images of dimes and nickels. Use this resource to reinforce and practice counting money while counting by 5’s and 10’s. I laminated, cut out all the pieces,  and used magnets on the back. OR, students can place them on a rug or table without have to attach anything to the back.

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