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Mary is a 30+ year veteran teacher with experience in many different work environments such as a homeschool co-op, one-room schoolhouse, multi-grade classrooms, public schools, and private organizations. Early in her career, she realized that the basic curriculum was only a starting point. She had a goal to engage her students in the learning process to help them grasp the content and master it quickly.


Mary’s goal led her to create classroom resources that could be used in K-1st grade. She decided to post one for free on Teachers Pay Teachers. A few years later she checked on her product and discovered that it had been downloaded 17K times. She was motivated that teachers were actually using her Weather Chart in the classroom. After editing, it was reposted for $3. It continues to be her top seller.


Mary’s goal to engage her students continues through the  hands-on learning resources you can find in her SHOP.